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One of the most impactful actions you can take to help children and families thrive is to vote.  Children have no voice at the polls – they need you to ensure the individuals elected to represent us work to eliminate the barriers causing children and families to fail. 

Elected officials make decisions affecting every aspect of our lives from schools to health care to security.  By voting, you are making a difference

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Where do the candidates stand on children's issues?

Vote for Kids has surveyed candidates for public office, asking what their position is on key issues like children’s early education, safety, and health care

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How are Alaska's kids doing? 
KIDSCOUNT research tells the story.

The 2018 KIDS COUNT® Data Book, shows Alaska’s kids and families are hurting. While an improved national economy has resulted in more positive trends in other parts of the country, that’s not true in Alaska. Alaska was ranked 46th, down from 38th last year and 27th place just 4 years ago for child well-being.

As a state, we all have a responsibility to ensure our children and families live in safe, stable, and nurturing environments. One of the ways to ensure we achieve this goal is by allowing data to help tell the story of how Alaska can eliminate the challenges that prevent our families from raising thriving children.


Our KIDSCOUNT videos tell the stories behind the numbers.

Headstart Changing Lives in Alaska

Economic Impacts on Alaska's Children

Families Struggling affects Kids Education

These are the four areas children need most to thrive. 

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Policymakers need access and capacity to use consistent, high-quality data on how the system is performing plus evidence on what affects student learning and the motivation to work toward the ultimate goal of equipping all children with the skills they need to succeed in their lives.

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Children’s health is fundamental to their overall development, and ensuring kids are born healthy is the first step toward improving their life chances. Poor health in childhood affects other critical aspects of a child’s life, such as school readiness and attendance, and can have lasting consequences on his or her future health and well-being.

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Economic Well-Being

When families have financial security and stability, they are able to create a safe, stable, and nurturing environment. Drawing on the data and lessons learned in this report, Alaska leaders have the opportunity to help all families create these types of environments.

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Family and Community

Children who live in nurturing families and supportive communities have stronger personal connections and academic achievement. Parents struggling with financial hardship have fewer resources to invest in their children and are more prone to stress and depression, which can interfere with effective parenting.

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